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How to Make a Bad Day Worse

you are awesome meme

We’ve all done it. At some point in a day we have all had a moment of realization that we should have retreated to bed 3 hours ago. Instead, we took our bad day and made it more awesome…. awful. I mean awful. But, in case you are having a bad day and can’t imagine how to make it more aw(ful)esome, then here are some helpful hints to get you started!

1. Pick a fight with your spouse.


This is pretty obvious. So simple. So easy. You’re already grumpy. So, it’s the perfect time to tell the hubs the ten things he’s been doing lately that really get on your stinkin’ nerves. Stinkin’ nerves!

2. Pick a fight with your kids.


If not one, than the other. Right? Or both! Nothing says “Best Bad Day Ever!” than yelling at the offspring.

3. Go to Krispy Kreme.

krispy kreme

Don’t get me wrong. I love Krispy Kreme just as much as the next good person with a soul, BUT going there on a bad day is just makes it worse. Not only will your hips pay for the two dozen circles of melty sugar you just stress-ate, but you will also get to enjoy the awesome self-loathing stomach ache that corresponds with binge eating. 10 pounds + a heaping dose of “I-hate-myself” = Whole Notha Level of bad day.

4. Buy that Gucci handbag, you deserve it!


Shopping is a special kind of bad day enhancement. It ultimately fuels #1 and #3, but it also hits you in the groin of your happiness – the checking account. Plus! For some reason, this particular vice manifests itself in the completely unncessary – except you don’t realize it until after you walk out of the store. A solid gold bust of Chewy, Han, Luke and Leia? I totes need that!!

5. (Intentionally) Break something.


But it feels so good! Yes, perhaps it does, but you know it will only leave you madder than you were before, because now you have a bad day AND a broken plate from your mother’s china (oh, and yes, it’s discontinued). However, if you are going for totally Aw(ful)esome day, then by all means….

6. Post a vague, melancholy status update on Facebook.

facebook fail

The temptation is almost too great, isn’t it? You’ll get all this sympathy and know that people care about you. ….BUT, then you’ll be annoyed that you have to explain everything to everyone for the next six weeks because they didn’t see your follow up status on their newsfeed and REALLY, why didn’t anyone call? And what’s up with getting 6 likes??? Why are people liking my terrible day. Unfriend. <—Bad day, biggie sized.

7. Read/watch the news


Another duh. If I really want to wallow in all the awfulness of a day, all I have to do is check out the latest horror in the world and I suddenly am not sure if anyone will ever have a good day again.

8. Give up.


This is the ultimate, the pinnacle of bad day dead ends. If you really want your bad day to win. REALLY WIN. Then give up. Check out. Look your day in the eye and say, “Whatevs, I’m out.” – take your ball and go home.

Truth? Don’t do it. Don’t do any of it. “Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” (proverbs 24:14)

Take your bad day. Stand it up. Dust it off and look at it. Look at it real hard. (Bad days hate this. They always lose a staring contest.) Once you’ve looked that booger square in the face for a minute, you size it up for what it really is: small. Your life – you – are so much bigger than your bad day. Psh. Just shake it off.

shake it off

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Think Canadian Thursday: A New Series!


Welcome to the first in what will most likely be a long series of Think Canadian Thursdays!

What do we all know about Canadians? They are polite! That’s right. I’m promoting the best of all stereotypes: the apologetic, well-mannered, wouldn’t-say-an-unkind-word-to-the-man-robbing-him-blind Canadian.

Having been to Canada, I would like to say I found this stereotype to be comfortingly accurate. I didn’t have one rude encounter. Not one. It was awesome!

Which leads me to this series. Have you noticed a tendency for people – people you may know and love – to become lamp-shade-on-the-head crazies when they are on the internet? Have you noticed that your own friend count on Facebook is trending down? How many comment-thread-debates gone awry have you been apart of?

For some reason, it is easy to stop thinking of others as people when they are on the internet. Many lose all sense of boundaries and manners when they start engaging in social media and the cyber world-at-large. We need some help. So, here for your edification and amusement:

Think Canadian Thursday: The Do’s and Don’ts of Commenting, Eh?

And for the grammar-heads hyperventilating because of the punctuation. It will be ok. Find a paper bag and breathe. 

DO: Be opinionated.

DON’T: Be a Troll.


Okay, I know actual, really icky trolls are not reading this blog, and heaven help me if they ever discover it! But  trolling can happen somewhat unintentionally. If you go to ILOVEALLTHEGUNS.com and start calling everyone idiots, wishing them ill and talking about their IQs or their mothers, then you are trolling….. and very likely endangering your own life….Boo! Boo to that! We want you to live here at Reason to Laugh – even if you are being a cyber-turkey. If you go to some site that horrendously offends you, that is your prerogative, but don’t start a fight. You can offer your opinion without being a jerk. I can’t imagine what purpose it would serve, but you can do it. Being the “little guy” on the internet is no excuse for bad manners. If you want friends, go to IHATEALLTHEGUNS.com


DO: Meme it up, yo!

DON’T: Spam-a-lot


MEMEs!!! POST ALL THE MEMESSSS!!! Be clever! Especially here. You will always get points with me if you post a meme. I mean, literally, I will award points. Yes, you should feel inspired. However, self-serving, check-out-this-super-secret-magical-potion-I-found-and-its-totes-free! posts. No. Never. Not on anything.


DO: Keep it real

DON’T: Be Dwight


Commenting is awesome. People love it when you comment on their post. I know I feel like a rock star when people comment on my posts, status updates, instagrams, tweets and what have you. It’s even better when genuine engagement happens. It’s like when you tell someone happy birthday on Facebook. It is GREAT to tell someone happy birthday on Facebook. Do it! It’s AWESOME to tell someone happy birthday and re-hash the time you were playing Mario Kart and the TV exploded or you write them a birthday song to the tune of the hokey-pokey – because that’s what it’s all about. You are keepin’ it real, BUT things can go awry when you start trying to be the Holy Spirit on someone’s facebook page or when your comment essentially turns into a deep, long-winded, one-sided conversation. It’s just awkward. If you have a friend who posts a story about how their toddler helped them make cookies for the first time, it’s probably not a good time to leave a comment about how that particular brand of cookies was discovered to cause brain-exploding-super-cancer-death in rats. It’s also not helpful to remind them of that diet they’re supposed to be on… Awkward.


DO: Be enthusiastic.


caps lock

Posting in all caps is like a bullhorn. It can give POP and CLARITY to certain parts of what you are saying, OR, IT CAN MAKE SOMEONE FEEL LIKE YOU ARE YELLING AT THEM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS.  (<–ya, see what I did there) It’s Also Annoying To Capitalize Every Word. I Don’t Understand. Why. Each. Word. Is. Capitalized?!?!


DO: Throw a party

DON’T: Throw mud (cause it’s annoying and gross!)


I know it is hard to imagine, BUT it is possible that the person who believes differently than you has a valid and perfectly reasonable explanation for why they think that way. Additionally, it’s possible, JUST POSSIBLE, they are not motivated by some secret, greedy, villainous agenda. They probably do NOT want to kill puppies, crush the rainbows and destroy all happiness everywhere. MAYBE….just maybe…. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Try to understand and get to the truth of the issue without all the rhetoric. This is especially important when engaging something political…. and I will leave that there.  If you comment on an article, post, whatever, you are joining the party. You are keeping company with the people whose forum you’re joining. You can disagree, but make it fun. It’s a party on the internet!


And Finally…..

DON’T: Engage in an endless comment debate.

DO: Let is go with a laugh.


Let’s all take a lesson from the Dowager Countess here. you can do your best to interact with people in a kind, conscientious way on the internet, but you, yourself will still run up against people who have not read this post. (How horrible for them!) When someone tries to pin you down, push you around or insult you on the internet, let it go. Comment one more time with a little wit. So what if they think they “won.” They were always going to think that. Might as well give anyone else reading the thread a chuckle. ORRRRRR, you can send them this post! Great idea, right?!

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